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Ariara, Palawan, Philippines
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Sleeps : 16 - 17
Bedrooms : 8 Back to Ariara
About Calamian Islands   About Palawan

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About Calamian Islands Map  About Calamian Islands   About Palawan

The idyllic Calamian islands sit at the northern tip of Palawan Province in the Philippines. Only an hour's flight, yet a world away from Manila, these islands have a fascinating history and, sitting at the convergence of the Sulu and South China seas, host an incredible abundance of marine life.

The main island, Busuanga, has a small domestic airline terminal. Across the island on its southern tip is the town of Coron, with a colourful harbour where fishing and tour boats are moored. Aside from the large central market featuring the freshest seafood selections and a sprinkling of shops, guesthouses and restaurants, there is little to see in this tranquil town nestled at the base of lush green hills. Boat tours around the islands are a popular pastime. The nearby Calauit Island is home to an odd sight: sharing the island with native Palawan creatures are a number of African species including giraffes, zebras, impalas and gazelles running free through its lowland forests. Said to be a leftover pet project from the indulgent Ferdinand Marcos era, it is now a protected wildlife reserve run by the government. Coron Island features a clear and pristine inland lake, while other islands dotting the area have splendid white sand beaches and lush jungles with streams and hot springs.

About Palawan Map  About Calamian Islands   About Palawan

The province of Palawan is an archipelago situated along the Western border of the Philippines, 30 nautical miles South of Mindoro and 60 nautical miles North of Borneo, bounded on the East by the Sulu Sea. Known for its world-class dive sites (including several sunken WWII Japanese ships), lush rainforests, thermal lakes and misty mountain landscapes, Palawan has some of Asia’s most breathtaking and best-protected natural treasures.

Among the fascinating areas to explore in this largely untouched region is the Subterranean River National Park in Puerto Princesa, a mystical landscape with towering karsts and an eight-kilometre underground river – recently declared to be one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park is another natural jewel with a rich diversity of birds and marine life thriving in a dramatic Pacific-isle setting that includes lagoons, extinct submerged volcanoes and coral islands.

Palawan has four domestic airports, each of which is about an hour's flight from the Philippines' capital, Metro Manila.

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